Herbal Bath Detox

This bath is perfect for someone who needs to release toxins, but it is also great for someone who is feeling under the weather, sick but unable to sweat or break into a fever, or any “cold” illness. This is not a remedy for someone who already has a fever, but if you have constant cold feet, cold body, stagnation, or pain this bath is for you. This herbal detox bath will help open your pores and aid your body in naturally releasing toxins into the bath and out of your body. These bath salts can be used as a foot soak as well. The hotter the bath the more effective the detoxification effect, but be sure not to burn yourself. If you are sweating you are doing it right. I would like to note that any detox bath may leave you feeling light headed. Keep water by the tub and take the bath while someone else is home, just in case you need a hand to get out of the tub.

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