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Feminine Wellness & Self-Care

My Sweet V Bath & Body Essentials is a holistic line of handmade, natural and personal feminine care products. We promote all forms of holistic healing and self care, and our products will give you just that. We believe in treating a woman’s Yoni as if it is the sacred place we know it is. No chemicals, no …

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Herbal Bath Soak

The pressure and stress built into our daily lives often give us little time to relax and unwind. So, rather than rushing through another quick shower, take 20 minutes out of your day to soak in a warm bath. Whether you call them bath teas, tub teas or bathing herbs, botanicals have been used in baths for thousands …
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C. Johnson

Down to my last bar from the 4 I just purchased!!! I need a bigger load again. I went from purchasing 1 at a time to 4 and I need more! I …

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Mar 18, 2020
KJ Nail Spa

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